Landscaping Services


Embracing a proactive approach, Coastal Greenery’s expert team offers professional landscaping services to manage Georgia’s southeast backdrops. We offer single-source solutions for every landscape challenge. Serving commercial office parks, homeowner’s associations, multifamily communities, industrial sites and residential properties, our comprehensive offerings include:

Total Care Program

Coastal Greenery’s approach to landscape maintenance is to provide total care to the property. The Total Care Program provides a combination of landscape maintenance services which work together to deliver a healthy landscape.

The program includes:

  • Turf Maintenance
  • Tree & Shrub Maintenance
  • Irrigation Management
  • Seasonal Flower Installations
  • Plant Healthcare
  • Mulch Installations

Clients benefit from:

  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • Rapid Service Response
  • Quality Control Audits
  • Client Warranty

We provide the Total Care Program for commercial properties and residential properties.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Coastal Greenery is Southeast Georgia’s first choice for commercial and industrial grounds maintenance and ensures that your property is safe and inviting for tenants, employees, patrons, and visitors alike. Our professionally trained team customizes the Total Care Program to meet the unique needs and goals of your property while still maintaining your budget.

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    Residential Landscape Maintenance

    Coastal Greenery provides residential landscape maintenance and ensures your property is adding value to your home with correct horticultural practices. We take the work and worry off you which allows you to enjoy life. Our team will customize the Total Care Program to include all the professional landscaping services needed to manage your residential property while maintaining your budget.

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      Creative Outdoors

      Coastal Greenery applies professional landscaping services to enhance your landscape and outdoor experience. Our team will help clients showcase their structure’s exterior and increase property values. Whatever landscape enhancement your property may need or if your needing a full landscape design and install, Coastal Greenery will provide a knowledgeable, trained and safety conscience team to deliver the job to your satisfaction.

      Landscape Enhancements

      Coastal Greenery enhances an established property by adding plant material to bring new life to an area, installing a tree to fill a bare spot, resodding the turf areas on the property and much more. Coastal Greenery will recommend landscape enhancements that suit your outdoor environment while maintaining the integrity and quality of the landscape and staying within your budget.

      Landscape enhancements include:

      • Sod renovation and installation
      • Seasonal color
      • Mulch and groundcover installation
      • Plant and shrub installation
      • Tree installation and transplants
      • Planting bed overhauls and additions
      • Rye grass over-seeding
      • Correcting drainage issues
      • Correcting safety issues
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        Landscape Design and Install

        Coastal Greenery Creative Outdoors' team is ready to design your project with full installation and help you turn your idea into a reality. We believe that developing relationships with our clients allow our team to understand the concept of the project, so the end result is just as the client had dreamed. Whatever your project, our team will incorporate the client’s vision, the property’s needs and potential to create a beautiful, elegant, fun, and useable landscape space. At the end of the journey, the client will be left with the knowledge and evidence that their landscape installation was worth the time and investment.

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          Relationships... The Roots of our Business

          Call (912) 261-8171

          • Professional Center

            Commercial Client - Maintenance

            "I wanted to congratulate you on the recent award that Coastal Greenrey received. I imagine that it is difficult to keep the excellent safety record that you have. That's great that your training of your team resulted in the award! A job well done!"

            Ashley Hornbuckle, St. Simons Bank & Trust

          • Memorial Satilla Health

            Commercial Property - Maintenance

            "Thank you Coastal Greenery! Your team is doing a fabulous job."

            Christy Miller, Area Practitioner

          • Sea Island, Georiga

            Residential - Maintenance

            "We are so thankful for your leadership in getting our yard into a much better place. The yard has not looked this good in years."

            Scott & Linda Crafton, Home Owners

          • Boys & Girls Club

            Commercial Client - Maintenance

            "The Boys & Girls Club, more specifically the Elizabeth Correll Teen Center, take pride in the quality of programming and cleanliness of our facilities and properties. Our kids and teens deserve the best and that’s exactly what we receive from Coastal Greenery; the best. As one enters the Teen Center property, anyone can see the pride and commitment to providing a well-manicured, neat environment conducive to a positive place for pro-social activities and learning."

            Brian Dolan, Executive Director

          • Oak Grove Island

            Commercial Client - Maintenance

            "OGI loves Coastal Greenery. Our community is so beautiful becasue of your staff. Thank you for all you do for us every day."

            Donna Buis, Oak Grove Island Homeowner

          • Association Management

            Property Management - Maintenance

            "As the Associations Manager, I appreciate Coastal Greenery's prompt response to the needs of the community and the professional manner in which their personnel relate to the residents."

            Mary Bryan Fields, Property Manager

          • Oak Grove Island

            Commercial Client - Maintenance

            "I wanted to personally thank you for the way you and your crews have always kept the island looking so great. Thanks for a job well done"

            Pearl Wilson, Oak Grove Island Homeowner

          • Limeburn Village

            HOA - Maintenance

            "I want to praise the quality work and friendly relationships that the maintenance crew displays every week."

            Mary Homeowner, Limeburn Village

          • Osprey Cove

            HOA - Maintenance

            "Thank you for your open line of communication! We appreciate your crews becasuse they always have a smile on their faces and actually care about thier job"

            Allene Groote, Board Member and Home Owner

          • Oak Gove Island, Georiga

            Residential - Landscape Installation

            "Ya'll did a phenomenal job on your yard! Money well spent."

            Richard Edgy, Home Owner

          • Victory Station

            Commercial - Maintenance

            "I was on site today and everything looked great. Even the roses we though we may need to replace looked awesome."

            Jasmyn Sylvester, Managememt Company

          • The Island Phone Book

            "Coastal Greenery has always done a great job keeping our town beautiful!"

            The Island Phone Book

          • St. Simons Island, Georiga

            Residential - Maintenance

            "What a joy it has been to work with Coastal Greenery. We wanted to make sure you knew this and that we appreciate all the hard work you do for us"

            Terry, Home Owner

          • Laurel Grove Plantation

            Residential - Maintenance

            "You guys went above and beyond, Thank you!"

            Home Owners Association

          CALL (912) 261-8171