The Right Place and the Right Space

SchefferTrees stay put for a long time... plan before you plant.
Great for climbing, resting in the shade and setting your landscape apart, trees play an important role in our lives at every stage. “Old trees symbolize stability. Young trees represent vibrance and growth,” explains one arborist. And they’re one of our best protections against pollution and severe weather.

Plan Before You Plant
Enjoying trees later begins by planning first. While trees add value to any property or landscape, how well they work for you and grow properly depends on their start. Many people choose the tree they like and then decide where to put it. Instead, decide the tree’s purpose first. Do you want shade or privacy? A focal point? Once we know what it’s for, we can figure out the best tree for the job. Virtually any type of plants near your house will cut down on air conditioning needs and serve as wind breaks in the cold. Evergreens make especially good privacy fences, while flowering and fruiting trees create beautiful additions to your property.


Put Trees in Their Place
Before planting a small, young tree, find out how large it will be when full size. Giving trees enough room to expand their roots and branches will mean less care later.

  • Plant most trees 10 feet or more from building foundations, depending on the shape and final size of the tree.
  • Don’t plant tall varieties of trees under power or telephone lines.
  • Underground, roots spread to be more than twice as wide as the tree is tall. Just picture the shape of a wine glass on a dinner plate. Most roots will be in the top 18 inches of soil and spread way out. They have the power to upturn patios and sidewalks if planted too close.              

For questions about trees that are right for your needs or best suited to our local climate, give us a call. We look forward to helping you plan and plant ahead.








Ideal Time for Pruning

Proper pruning is a key element of comprehensive groundskeeping. Pruning ensures that trees and shrubs do not cause safety concerns by encroaching on power lines, walkways, or parking areas. Pruning also helps the long-term health and longevity of trees and shrubs by concentrating new growth to desired areas of the plant. 

The benefits of pruning are maximized when trees and shrubs are pruned at the ideal time of the year. In general, trees and shrubs that bloom in the summer (such as abelia and crape myrtle) should be pruned in the dormant seasons of fall or winter. Since the plant is not in the process of active growth, the tree or shrub can effectively repair the resulting cuts that come with pruning. New buds for a tree or shrub appear as part of that spring’s growth, so flowering patterns are not disrupted by pruning in the winter or fall. 

Spring bloomers on the other hand (such as azaleas and dogwoods), produce their buds the previous fall. This means that winter pruning
will remove established buds and hurt spring blooming patterns. Pruning for these trees and shrubs should be in the summer after the
blooms have faded but before the next season’s buds have been set. 

Along with these guidelines, there are further nuances that warrant consultation from landscape professionals. For example, some varieties of azaleas and oakleaf hydrangeas bloom in the summer but set their buds the previous year. The proper pruning technique and frequency varies greatly from species to species, there is no ‘one size fits all’ routine. At Coastal Greenery, we schedule pruning accordingly so that plant health and beauty is maximized.



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