Landscaping in Sandy Soil

IMG 0076resizedandcroppedNot all dirt is the same, in fact soil varies greatly depending on the region. In coastal Georgia, our soil is quite sandy – a characteristic which creates a unique situation for landscape planning.

Sandy soil is very porous, allowing water to pass through it very quickly. When water easily drains through sandy soil, it takes with it many valuable nutrients. These conditions make sandy soil dry and lacking in nutrients when compared to soil found further inland.

Landscapes in sandy soil should be made up of hearty plants that can survive with limited water and nutrients. Flowering plants such as salvia and lavender are low maintenance options that prefer well-drained soil and hot temperatures. In terms of shrubbery, certain varieties of junipers are very well suited for this region of the country. Many are resistant to intense heat and even salty environments. The shore juniper which grows low to the ground is especially adapted to thrive in sandy soil.
One positive aspect of sandy soil is that it warms and cools relatively quickly. This means that flowering perennials will arrive early in the growing season.

Choosing appropriate plants for a given setting gives you the best return on your investment in landscaping. The unique soil type of coastal Georgia makes plant selection especially important in terms of landscape maintenance and longevity. Take advantage of your sandy soil by adding some of the following to your landscape:

 Artemisia  Siberian Pea Shrub  Salvia Eucalyptus Tree
 Rosemary Black-eyed Susan Rose of Sharon Phlox
 Lavender Sweet Alyssum Mimosa Tree Larkspur
 Sedum Butterfly Bush Black Locust Tree Daylily
 Hosta Butterfly Weed Foxglove Russian Sage
 Columbine Christmas Fern Yarrow

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