Planning Improves the Value of Landscape Care

How often have you heard yourself or someone else talk about how they’re always “putting out fires”?  AY5A8770

Many of these “fires” are caused by not being able to get far enough ahead of ourselves to plan properly. Planning grounds and landscape care is too often left until the last possible date before services need to begin. There are many good reasons to take the time to think through your needs for next season well in advance and arrange for getting the work done. The further in advance these types of decisions are made, the smoother and more cost-effective your overall program can be. Take a close look at what services you received during the last several seasons, at their effectiveness and their cost in evaluating future needs. Bear in mind that your landscape will be another year older too. As your plantings mature, their maintenance needs change. Your program of care should not remain static, but rather attempt to reflect the current requirements of your property. Equipment, material and labor considerations will also have an impact on your program and its cost. All these areas require and
deserve your careful consideration.

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Test Your Soil

soilKnowing what type of soil you have is probably the #1 item that you need to know before you start planting. Each soil type has different traits that, when known, will help your landscape flourish. The different types of soil are shown on the left. If you are not sure what type of soil you have, you can perform one of the following simple tests to find out:

SQUEEZE TEST: Grab a handful of damp soil and gently press it in your fist. If the soil is gritty and crumbly then it is sandy soil. Clay soil is sticky and slick, peaty soil is spongy, and silty soil is smooth.

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Landscaping in Sandy Soil

IMG 0076resizedandcroppedNot all dirt is the same, in fact soil varies greatly depending on the region. In coastal Georgia, our soil is quite sandy – a characteristic which creates a unique situation for landscape planning.

Sandy soil is very porous, allowing water to pass through it very quickly. When water easily drains through sandy soil, it takes with it many valuable nutrients. These conditions make sandy soil dry and lacking in nutrients when compared to soil found further inland.

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Relationships... The Roots of our Business

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    "OGI loves Coastal Greenery. Our community is so beautiful becasue of your staff. Thank you for all you do for us every day."

    Donna Buis, Oak Grove Island Homeowner

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    "I wanted to congratulate you on the recent award that Coastal Greenrey received. I imagine that it is difficult to keep the excellent safety record that you have. That's great that your training of your team resulted in the award! A job well done!"

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    Brian Dolan, Executive Director

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