Keep the Season Lively with Color

IMG 4177editedLate fall and winter are great times to bring out dramatic contrasts in your landscape that are perfect for the holidays. The blue-greens of evergreens, bright berries of hollies and other plants, and crimson, gold and purple tones create a festival look that is more subtle than the brighter colors of mid-season. Best of all, many of the highlights of your winter landscape can be brought indoors to further brighten the holidays.

Outside, evergreens form a foundation of greenery, but conifers can also lend colors from bronze and purple to gold and red. Unique shapes and barks on trees like the river birch and paperbark maple also add interest.Try using the same pots and containers you filled with summer flowers to plant ornamental cabbages and kales, perennials like flax lily or ivies. You can even fill window boxes with branches from evergreens, including those from your own real Christmas tree after the holiday.Of course, you can always bring a little of the beauty of the outdoors inside with ideas as simple as pine cones in a decorative basket. Try creating a festive, natural centerpiece using evergreen branches and pine cones with a few dried flowers or even fresh fruits added. Cut branches right before they’re needed for a fresh look and smell. You can keep branches stored in a dark plastic bag until you’re ready for them.Of course, wreaths using vines, evergreen branches, or pine cones will look wonderful during the holiday or any time of year. Pine cones, berries and even flowers dried or pressed from earlier in the year can make wonderful, natural-looking ornaments. Or try adding a little evergreen or pine cones to gift wrapping or decorative candles for a festive look.This year, bring the holidays to life indoors and out with nature and a little imagination!

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Creating a Landscape that Soothes the Senses

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 Various studies have proven that views of natural settings and plant life can lower blood pressure and reduce muscle tension, producing recovery from stress in a matter of minutes. If you’re looking for a place to get away from it all, it’s possible to create a backyard sanctuary without putting a strain on your back or your wallet. All it takes is a little creativity!

Here are some tips on turning an ordinary landscape into a refuge from stress and worry:

Clean up clutter.  A clean-looking yard is the foundation of any backyard sanctuary, so be sure to remove weeds, brush and other lawn debris.

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A Welcoming Entry


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 Entryways at your commercial property or residential home serve an important purpose in the landscape. Ideally, they invite visitors in but they also add value to your property.  If your entryway is less than welcoming follow a few of these ideas to spruce up the welcome appeal; 

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