It Takes Preparation

IMG 6839When you bring home those annuals or perennials from the local garden center you will need to a little more preparation than just digging holes and putting the plants in the ground.   In order for your new plants to grow and thrive you will need to do a little preparation work before you plant.

Here are a few key steps you will want to take BEFORE you put your plants in the ground: 
  1. If you are putting plants into a planting bed that contained plants previously then you will need to remove the old plants including old root balls, debris, leaves, and mulch. If the soil contains lots of roots and/or is dry and light in color, then dig out a good foot to foot ½ of the soil.  If digging all of this soil isn’t possible, then remove a good top layer of the old soil and rototill the old soil down a foot or so.
  2. Locate any irrigation heads in the beds and flag them to keep the irrigation from requiring repairs.
  3. Add a good rich soil to the bed. A good nutrient rich soil will be slightly moist, light and fluffy.
  4. Incorporate a good granular fertilizer (we recommend Osmocote 14-14-14) and fungicide (we recommend Subdue) to the soil.
  5. Rototill the soul, fertilizer and fungicide
  6. Install plants in the design of your choosing. Space the plants out according to the type and growth of the plant. Dig the holes using a hand trowel to the correct depth.  Measure the height and width of the root ball of the plant then dig using these dimensions.
  7. Before you put the plant into the ground, pinch and pull slightly on the root ball to disturb the roots. Most plants in nurseries are root bound and the roots need to be pulled from the tight ball that they have been growing into.
After this prep work, you will be ready to plant your plants.  Don’t forget to water them in well and also don’t forget the maintenance your plants may need.

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