Moss or No Moss

moss2Have you ever given any thought to the moss that grows in and around bricks? Some people love the look of moss growing on bricks and say that the moss gives the effect of the brick being old. Others do not like to have moss growing on their brick and work hard to keep the moss at bay. Whether you like moss or not the following facts will help you in your quest to gain moss or to lose it;

1. Moss are a tiny plant that grow in clusters in wet, shady areas

2. Mosses do not have roots therefore do not receive nutrients by way of roots

3. Mosses come in various colors of green – bright green, pale green, yellowish-green, black-green, and bluish-green

4. Mosses can survive for weeks without water then soak it up water like a sponge when rains

5. Moss use water to grow bigger and use wind to reproduce

6. Moss are an indicator of pollution as they can only grow in clean environments

7. Reindeer consume moss because the plant contains a chemical which warms the animal’s blood

8. Moss while dried have been used for heating houses and to insulate boots in cold weather

9. Moss was used as bandages during the First World War to prevent blood loss

10. Moss contains a chemical with antibacterial properties and was used to soothe infection during WWI

11. Spanish moss was often used as a filler in packing cases and to pad upholstery

12. Mosses are able to absorb huge amounts of water and prevent erosion of soil

13. Mosses have evolved from algae and was one of the first plants on earth

14. Mosses will dry up when water is not available

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