Your Lawn & Landscape: It's Worth Thousands $$$$$

Scheiffer 1Even a simple landscape represents thousands of dollars in value. Some landscapes increase property value by as much as $50,000 to $100,000. A 20-year oak, or a full grown magnolia are nearly impossible to actually replace if lost, but they continue to add value to your home as they mature. A single shrub that cost you $150.00 to install 5 years ago may easily be worth 8 to 10 times that amount today. You have a solid, rapidly growing investment in your landscape. Below are 5 important ways to keep your private green machine in top condition and growing in value.

Water: Measure the amount of rainfall your property receives with some type of gauge. Consistent watering will make everything else you do produce bigger and better dividends all year long.

Feeding: Good fertility management avoids the results of irregular feeding schedules. Delivering the right doses of nitrogen, phosphorus and potash at the proper time of year improves the health and appearance of your lawn and landscape.

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Moss or No Moss

moss2Have you ever given any thought to the moss that grows in and around bricks? Some people love the look of moss growing on bricks and say that the moss gives the effect of the brick being old. Others do not like to have moss growing on their brick and work hard to keep the moss at bay. Whether you like moss or not the following facts will help you in your quest to gain moss or to lose it;

1. Moss are a tiny plant that grow in clusters in wet, shady areas

2. Mosses do not have roots therefore do not receive nutrients by way of roots

3. Mosses come in various colors of green – bright green, pale green, yellowish-green, black-green, and bluish-green

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You Can Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

Enhancement residentialButterflies add motion and color to any garden. They love heat and are most active during the hottest part of the day when your song birds have quieted down. As with birds, to attract butterflies you need water; however, they won’t visit your bird bath. You can create small mud patches or shallow puddles containing rocks where they can rest and get a drink near their favorite flowers —or you could go all out and establish a “butterfly bar.” This consists of filling a bucket with sand and burying it to the lip in a sunny part of the garden. Keep it almost filled with water. Rocks or stone walls placed in the sun give butterflies a place to bask and warm themselves.

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  • Ameris Bank

    Commercial Client - Maintenance

    "I think the service is great. You take care of things before I even know anything was wrong."

    Lynn Rhymes, Ameris Bank - Commercial Client

  • Captain's Walk

    HOA - Maintenance

    "Thanks so much for having Chuck Ferrell on your staff! We are delighted to have such a knowledgeable manager on site. We appreciate his insights and answers to all of our questions. You have a very well run and respected company."

    Tally Brillembourg, Captain's Walk Advisor

  • Legacy Apartments

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    "We (the owners & I) wanted to take this opportunity to thank ALL OF YOU for such a GOOD job that’s been done since Coastal Greenery took over the Lawn-care Contract here with us at Legacy Apartments. There is a huge difference in the grounds, shrubs and weeds and we owe that you all of you with your hard work and dedication!!"

    Miriam Baxter, Property Manager

  • Boys & Girls Club

    Commercial Client - Maintenance

    "The Boys & Girls Club, more specifically the Elizabeth Correll Teen Center, take pride in the quality of programming and cleanliness of our facilities and properties. Our kids and teens deserve the best and that’s exactly what we receive from Coastal Greenery; the best. As one enters the Teen Center property, anyone can see the pride and commitment to providing a well-manicured, neat environment conducive to a positive place for pro-social activities and learning."

    Brian Dolan, Executive Director

  • Frederica Academy

    Commercial Client - Maintenance

    "I appreciate the courtesy and professionalism of the entire staff at Coastal Greenery. They consistently improve our campus instead of just maintain it."

    Doug Thomas, Facility Director

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