Creating a Landscape that Soothes the Senses

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 Various studies have proven that views of natural settings and plant life can lower blood pressure and reduce muscle tension, producing recovery from stress in a matter of minutes. If you’re looking for a place to get away from it all, it’s possible to create a backyard sanctuary without putting a strain on your back or your wallet. All it takes is a little creativity!

Here are some tips on turning an ordinary landscape into a refuge from stress and worry:

Clean up clutter.  A clean-looking yard is the foundation of any backyard sanctuary, so be sure to remove weeds, brush and other lawn debris.

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A Welcoming Entry


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 Entryways at your commercial property or residential home serve an important purpose in the landscape. Ideally, they invite visitors in but they also add value to your property.  If your entryway is less than welcoming follow a few of these ideas to spruce up the welcome appeal; 

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Did You Know...........Spanish Moss?

  • Spanish Moss is an epiphyte – the plant uses a tree for support  but doesn’t draw moisture or nutrients from the tree, it is not parasitic
  • Spanish Moss needs high humidity and mild winter temperatures to survive for this reason it loves living in the southeast
  • Spanish Moss is in the same plant family as the pineapple
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Ask About Our Total Care Program

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  • Ameris Bank

    Commercial Client - Maintenance

    "I think the service is great. You take care of things before I even know anything was wrong."

    Lynn Rhymes, Ameris Bank - Commercial Client

  • Captain's Walk

    HOA - Maintenance

    "Thanks so much for having Chuck Ferrell on your staff! We are delighted to have such a knowledgeable manager on site. We appreciate his insights and answers to all of our questions. You have a very well run and respected company."

    Tally Brillembourg, Captain's Walk Advisor

  • Legacy Apartments

    Commercial Client - Maintenance

    "We (the owners & I) wanted to take this opportunity to thank ALL OF YOU for such a GOOD job that’s been done since Coastal Greenery took over the Lawn-care Contract here with us at Legacy Apartments. There is a huge difference in the grounds, shrubs and weeds and we owe that you all of you with your hard work and dedication!!"

    Miriam Baxter, Property Manager

  • Boys & Girls Club

    Commercial Client - Maintenance

    "The Boys & Girls Club, more specifically the Elizabeth Correll Teen Center, take pride in the quality of programming and cleanliness of our facilities and properties. Our kids and teens deserve the best and that’s exactly what we receive from Coastal Greenery; the best. As one enters the Teen Center property, anyone can see the pride and commitment to providing a well-manicured, neat environment conducive to a positive place for pro-social activities and learning."

    Brian Dolan, Executive Director

  • Frederica Academy

    Commercial Client - Maintenance

    "I appreciate the courtesy and professionalism of the entire staff at Coastal Greenery. They consistently improve our campus instead of just maintain it."

    Doug Thomas, Facility Director

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