Pruning a Crepe Myrtle the CORRECT WAY

Incorrect Priuning CM

 You all have seen the crepe myrtles that have a large tumor-like mass in the middle of the trunk. These masses come from incorrectly pruning the crepe myrtle by chopping the crepe myrtle off at the trunk instead of pruning the tree correctly.                                      

Pruning a crepe myrtle is pretty simple, the object prune the tree by thinning out the branches and trunks to allow for air circulation and future growth.  To begin the pruning, start by removing the suckers at the base of the tree.  Next, move to the canopy of the tree.  You will want to step back take a good look at the tree and make a plan, don't just jump in and start cutting.  Decide what are branches and what are the trunks of the tree.  Crepe myrtles will grow multiple trunks so you need to decide which trunks you need to leave in order to maintain a good frame.  If you need to remove any trunks you will want to cut the trunk at the base of the tree as close as you can get to the soil.


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Turf-Destroying Insects

mole cricketInsects cause millions of dollars’ worth of damage each year to residential, commercial, and recreational turf. Not all insects are considered pests in the lawn. Some insects are actually beneficial and prey on damaging insects. It is important to properly identify insects before making a pesticide application. Most lawns will tolerate a certain level of insect damage. Proper healthcare practices will greatly increase the lawns ability to recover from damaging insects. Correct irrigation practices and fertility programs are crucial for minimizing pest problems. ALWAYS refer to the insecticide label for information concerning the product uses and safety information. Insecticide uses and safety practices are always changing so refer to the labels EVERYTIME you use a product. Always remember that “The label is the law.”

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